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Jill Hancock (Owner/Creative Director) began her career over 20 years ago teaching for Ona-May School of Dance. Ms. Hancock holds a certificate from New Visions Dance Project, a program set up by Alvin Ailey for people with disabilities. She has performed professionally with Maloney Productions and had her New York debut with New Dance Collective, a modern jazz company that she worked with for four years. Her choreography has been seen throughout the tri-state area and in performances for Gallaudet University and Muscle Mania World Competitions.

Jay Bardalai is an avid Salsa dancer and has a passion for teaching dance. He has been teaching beginner and intermediate Salsa classes at A Common Ground studio since 2006. His teaching philosophy includes giving his students enough material and practice to be able to quickly dance Salsa by the time the 6 week beginner class is over, at the same time ensure that his students understand the fundamentals of dancing, music and rhythm, which are important if one wants to take it further and take dancing to the next level. Jay teaches “Salsa on One”, which is the style danced world wide which he experienced in his travels to Buenos Aires, London, Paris, and Singapore. Jay also teaches Salsa classes at the Naugatuck Valley Community College.
Another of Jay’s passions is Argentine Tango and he has a deep appreciation for Tango music and dance. It’s not that he loves Salsa any less but perhaps loves Tango more!! He has been studying Argentine Tango over the past several years and will be offering a basic Argentine Tango course starting fall 2009.

Veronica “Ronnie” Erdmann began training in various schools of movement, dance and music in her youth and continues learning various dance and movement to this day. In 1995 Ronnie began her participation in Sacred Circle Dance in Fairfield, Connecticut and soon learned to become a facilitator of this community dance style. Between 2000 and 2008 Ronnie led New Haven Community Sacred Circle Dance and since 2008 has been leading the seasonal Candlewood Sacred Circle Dance at A Common Ground.

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Alessandra Greco has dance in her blood – literally. Daughter of the world-famous Spanish dancers José Greco and Nila Amparo, she began life following her parents as they danced their way across Europe. As of August 2009, Ms. Greco will be expanding her teaching activities to include a new dance class format “Latin Moves Plus” Class. Influenced by Zumba ® (of which she is a certified teacher) and LatinCardio™, this new class will emphasize the Total Workout, getting the heart rate up and shedding pounds. Latin Moves Plus fuses Latin Dance, Middle Eastern and Flamenco and will also focus on the upper body and hips, essential to the student’s sense of self-awareness and self-confidence. Put all these elements together with the irresistible rhythms of the music and Ms. Greco’s outgoing and nurturing personality, and come experience the heat of her own dynamic style and sizzle. The basis of her other class is Flamenco, the most popular form of Spanish dance. After students learn to master some of the basic movements and steps, they experience the movements as evolving from a need to express an inner emotion. Dancing becomes an organic and holistic experience that is exhilarating. This enhances the students’ awareness of their own physicality and aids in the total health of the entire body.

Sandra Hernandez Egea was born in Girona (Spain) and raised between the Pirines and Granada (Andalucia), where Flamenco was found; at the age of 9, Sandra started her Flamenco studies and performances under the tutelage of “La Chabela” at the private “Centro Cultural Andaluz” in Girona. She has performed at the Flamenco Festivals in Barcelona (Barbara del Valles) for many years and other cultural events in Girona as well.

Twenty two years later, Sandra resides in Connecticut and is a dancer for the Val Ramos’ Flamenco Assembly. She has performed for the Mayor of Hartford and the US Air Force, as well as for schools and fundraising events.

Today she continues to teach and perform the Art of Flamenco in Connecticut and New York.

Ase-AmenRa Karamu teacher of Afrikan Drum


Althea Kariamu teacher of Afrikan Dance.

Ase-AmenRa Kariamu of Kariamu Drum and Dance, began his drumming with master drummer, Brother Keindre O’Uhuru, director of the El Shabazz Orchestra in Harlem, NY. For the last ten years he has been teaching in the Juvenile Detention Center for CT Ballet in their “Out Reach” Program. Mr. Kariamu was “Mouse King” in several DMC Nutcrackers and has been a flutist for over 22 years. His instructors include Yamoussa Camara, master dancer/drummer of Guinea, West Afrika; and KoKayi, an Afrikan Dance Troupe of Mt. Vernon. Mr. Kariamu hosts West Afrikan Drum workshops throughout Connecticut, teaches at “A Common Ground,” and has been director of the Afrikan Drumming Program since 2003.

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Lauren Brown received a B.S. in Music Education at Western Connecticut State University, her concentration in classical voice. Lauren is a performer, a musician, and an educator. She participates in Community Theater productions at the Brookfield Theater for The Arts, has been heavily involved in community service with the Danbury Music Center, as well as Western Connecticut State University, and is thrilled to begin a new chapter in her life as an educator.

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